2022-2023 Storke 2 & West Campus 2 Story WiFi Infrastructure Upgrade (in progress)

In the Summer 2022, system-wide issues with wireless internet connection effected UCSB. This led to discussions between the TU, FSH, and Academic and Residential Information Technology (ARIT). Through this discussion, the TU and ARIT identified that Storke II and West Campus 2 story units could have their wireless connections upgrade through the instillation of WiFi repeater units in those apartments. After significant testing, this project was deemed feasible and units were purchased by ARIT. This over $50,000 improvement project began rolling out Mid-March of 2023.

2022 Rent Increase

In June 2022, FSH sent out an announcement that rent would be increasing for FSH residents starting on July 1st, 2022. The FSH contract at the time stated that 42 days notice was required for rent increases. The TU reached out to FSH and reminded them of this requirement, which resulted in the rent increase being delayed until August 2022. 

2022 Laundry Rate Raising

In June 2022, FSH sent out an announcement that the laundry services would be shifting to a digital, app-based payment system. In doing so, the vendor doubled the price for drying without any notice. The TU reached out to FSH and the vendor about the change and was able to get the rate reduced back to the original level. 

Slow Sign for Children Safety (2022)

Slow Sign for Children Safety (2022)

Graffiti Reporting

The TU is actively involved in reporting graffiti in and around the community for removal.