We are your board and we are here to help you and our Family Student Housing community in Santa Barbara. If you have a housing-related concern that UCSB Housing cannot or has not addressed, feel free to contact us. And if you are interested in getting involved with the TU, email us at president@sbfshtenantsunion.org.

Non-Profit Status

In Spring Quarter of 2022, UCSB Office of Student Life decided to stop operating the Registered Campus Organization Office, which managed the TU finances and allowed for us to exist. In order to keep serving the tenants of FSH, we had to register as a non-profit organization with the State of California. We continue to be run by tenants for tenants. Membership rules and voting rights have not changed. We will continue to help advocate and support FSH tenants whenever possible. 

In registering as a non-profit, we had to rebrand ourselves to reflect our new status. Formerly known as the UCSB Family Student Housing Tenants Union, we are now known as the Santa Barbara Family Student Housing Tenants Union.

Information and Resources